Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faith, Hope and Ta-Tas...Yes, Ta-Tas

Do you think you understand the meaning of Hope? I always thought I knew something about it, but each time I truly encounter it, I realize I have much to learn. Hope is something you experience in relationship.  It is not something that just happens; Grace just happens, but Hope is different.
Pity is something you can experience without being in relationship.  What I want to share with you is NOT about pity, but about Hope.  In order for you to experience it and learn about it, I invite you into relationship; not with me but with my friend Tina and her family.
Tina is a married 32 year old and a mother of two small children.  In May of this year she was diagnosed with some really serious breast cancer.  And yes, this is where Ta-Tas fit in the title of this blog entry.  (Before you pass judgment on me about how inappropriate the title might seem, you have to be in relationship with Tina and I hope you will be.)
My relationship with Tina began about three years ago when she and her husband Nathan became parishioners of mine.  Tina is outgoing and easily draws people in.  She is originally from Alabama and her accent caught my attention, though not over the top, it reminds me at times of my Alabama born Grandmother.  Tina also understands words like “shoog” which takes me back to my childhood and makes me smile.
After about a year or so, Tina, Nathan and then newborn son Logan moved out of state to take another job.  In May, I received notice of Tina’s breast cancer and was invited into this chapter of her life through her writings in her blog.  She has taught me so much about Hope and she has given me permission to share her lessons with you.  
I invite you to read her blog.  As you read you will develop a relationship with her.  Please remember that this is not a story about pity, but a journey about Hope... and we all need Hope.  Through my reading of her blog and the relationship it brings I have cried a little and laughed a lot, but more importantly I have been brought closer to God through the Hope that radiates from Tina's soul.
Please go to www.beansbreastcancerblog.blogspot.com or click on the link on the right side of my blogs homepage.
Read the background story first, it is on the right side of the screen.
Then go back to the May entries and work forward.
As you read you will be introduced to not only Tina and her family, but also two other central characters, Bess and Gretchen (Tina’s Ta-Tas).  I am told that later in the story we will get to meet Shelby and Yvette (Bess and Gretchen’s replacements).  
We all need Hope, please take the time to experience it.
PS.  You can also view Tina’s writings and a whole host of pictures of her and her family at  www.caringbridge.org/visit/tinafrey

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