Thursday, October 18, 2012

$hare it, $pend it, Money, Money, Money

I recently spent some money and spending money is not something I do lightly.  Like most people, I work hard for my paycheck and I am very aware of the possibility that at some point I may not have one.

I don’t live in fear (anymore) of losing my paycheck, but the reality is that when the economy is bad, churches feel the heat.

So instead of clinging to my money out of fear, I decided without hesitation to spend some money out of grace…

The thing I spent my money on was hope…real HOPE for someone who honestly needed it.

How much $$ would you be willing to share if it would actually give
someone hope?

Be it $30, $300, or $3000, the price of hope is priceless to the one
who receives it.

Peace, Kirk

Oh…and as it turns out, it gave me hope too. 
It’s funny how sharing out of grace tends to do that.

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