Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Star and Highlights... Nothing New to Me

In the State of Nevada’s August/September newsletter for the Division of Child and Family Services, they have a section called “Highlights”. This section highlights the “Stars”of each division of Child and Family Services covering the entire State of Nevada.
My wife Tricia is a Highlight of Children’s Mental Health in the state.  
I am very excited for her gifts, talents, and hard work to be recognized.  She does not do what she does for the recognition, but like it is for most “helping professionals” it brings positive energy to know what you pour your heart and soul into makes a difference.
Here is what the head of Children’s Mental Health in the State of Nevada had to say about Tricia.

Children’s Mental Health would like to recognize Tricia Woodliff, CPC, Mental Health Counselor II with NNCAS-Early Childhood Mental Health Services. Tricia has taken a leadership role in educating the community about trauma, abuse and attachment, particularly as it relates to infants and toddlers. In addition to providing therapy with a focus on children from birth-four years old, Tricia is actively involved as a trainer with the Trauma Informed Care Project, where she has participated in trainings with NNCAS staff, foster parents and treatment home providers. Additionally, Tricia is a TACSEI trainer who provides trainings and child observations on a routine basis with a variety of child care centers in the Reno-Sparks area through the Child Care Development Fund grant, and she is also a PCIT trainer and a member of Northern Nevada’s DC:0-3R team of trainers! Earlier this year, Tricia was invited to make a presentation at the Nevada Family Jurisdiction Judges 2013 Annual conference in Ely Nevada, where she spoke about “Making Informed Decisions in the Interest of Traumatized Children,” providing judges from all across Nevada with valuable information on the impact of trauma on children and youth. Most recently, Tricia has taken the lead on a collaborative pilot project with Nevada Early Intervention Services, which will allow for stronger social- emotional assessments of infants and toddlers referred to NEIS due to CAPTA requirements, and fast-track them in to mental health services when appropriate. Clearly, Tricia’s love of infant/toddler mental health, and her passion for teaching has been of tremendous benefit to the clients at NNAS, as well as the broader community.

I’m proud of her and I love her...She is my Highlight too...

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